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  • CASUALKIT Making computer game monetization beneicial to bothgame developers and players.Earn Money with Player Challenges and Highscores
  • CASUALKITIMPLEMENTATIONSelect a friend ora random opponentWinners get money directlyinto their accountFriendFriendJohnFriendChoose OpponentSelect your money tierChoose Amount123A 10% fee is deductedfrom the users accountConfirm the ChallengeConfirmPriceFeeTotal1.00 0.10 1.10Play heads up or a tournamentagainst many playersConfirmPlayPool 2.00VSPeter JohnPlayPlay for Real MoneyDARTChoose Play for Real MoneySelect a game withCasualKit implementedGameGameGameDARTGameGame
  • CASUALKITPage 3/6WE OFFER- Extra revenue stream that increase ARPU- More engaging andcompetitive gameplay- New markets with little competition- Easy andfast integration- Cash handling and fraud preventionHOW IT WORKS Users pay a fee of 10% of every singlechallenge/tournament entry cost. This is the revenue. We take 30%and the rest is yours. Market experience shows,that almost allwinings are spend playing again and not withdrawn.Example:John challenges Peter for 1 dollar.Each pay 1 dollar, and a 10cent fee.John wins 2 dollars.The fee of 20 cents are split with 14 centto you, and 6 cents to us.Online betting is generating an estimated $32 billion in annualrevenue
  • CASUALKITOnly 0.15 percent of mobile gamers account for 50 percent of allin-game revenuePage 4/6CustomersSpendingPlayer Challenges and TournamentsCustomersSpendingFreemium/MicrotransactionsAds Microtransactions Casual KitAcquisitionActivationRetentionRevenue DegreeReferralGAME MONETIZATION MODELS
  • CASUALKITMARKET POSITIONInclusive Monetization ModelBenefit UserNone Social GameplayLow RetentionShort Life CycleSocial GameplayHigh RetentionExtend Life CycleExclusive MonetizationHarm UserPvP Skill-basedCash CompetitionOnline CasinoCasualSingle Player GamesRole Playing andMMO GamesCasualOnline MultiplayerGames-Casino category accounted for 7% of the iPhones globalrevenue and 14% of the iPads total income in February 2014.Page 5/6
  • CASUALKITPublisher Net Revenue9,7464,171 UsersSign UpsConversionsLorem IpsumOg Noget Mere672 Unique Depositors6,98 Avg Deposit Size3.3 LTV per UserCasualKit Net Revenue4,177Page 1/6Average monthly spend per paying mobile gamer is highest inWestern Europe, with $4.40. In real money challenges its 15$CASE 1
  • CASUALKITA mini game was implemented inside a football manager game. Thegame was a fun money or real money game, where 6 persons set theirown tactics with a football team and played each other.After one month the case data looked like this:PlayersDepositsUnique DepositsConversion RateDeposit AmountAvg Deposit SizeWithdrawalsWithdrawals amountRakeAverage Stake SizePublisher Net RevenueCasualKit Net RevenueLTV per user (ARPU) 1)LTV per paying user (ARPPU) 2)4,1714383368.043,0667.00165568711.506102613.3420.76%1) After a month, we consider only 50% of the users to haveconverted to paying.2) We expect a lifetime duration of payingusers of 8 months as seen from poker.Some games are achieving a 14% conversion on overall in-gameintoreal cash players and 52 cents ARPDAU on those conversions.Page 2/6CASE 1Sign UpsConversionsLorem IpsumOg Noget Mere
  • CASUALKITPage 6/6Top players on platform can earn between $500 to$2,000 a week.Video demonstration of browsergame: to integrate the PHPSdk: Gleie, ba.scient.soc., CEOJonas Andersen, ProgrammerJeppe Andersen, cand.merc., Marketing & SalesArmann Gudmundsson, Designer and front-end coderCONTACTSren Gleie, founder- 30517043, [email protected], Hgenhaven, board member, CSO & partner BetterColelctive- 60616163, [email protected], Lehrmann, board member, Entrepreneur and Investor-[email protected], DEMONSTRATION
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