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Hello everyone! Im Texia, and Im joined by Anita and Yoshi. I would like to thank iGem for this wonderful opportunity.

And now, welcome to our project for 2016! (CLICK)

Measuring multiple metabolite concentration in one sample is difficult

Traditional methods of analysing chemical compounds are expensive and labour intensive

Example: HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography)

Separates chemical and biological compounds that are non-volatileCommonly used analytical method in metabolic engineering.BackgroundObjectiveWetlabDrylabFuture ApplicationCollaborationHuman PracticesConclusion

From previous years, we have recognised the inconvenience of detecting different metabolite concentration in the same culture. Traditional methods of analysing chemical compounds are expensive and labour intensive. One example is analysis (AH- NAL-LEE- SIS) via HPLC also known as High Performance Liquid Chromatography. (CROW-MAH- TO-GRAPHY)HPLC separates chemical and biological compounds that are non-volatile *breathe* using the difference in relative affinities between the mobile phase and the stationary phase.Because of its precision in detecting analytes, HPLC is a commonly used analytical method in metabolic (ME-DA- BOLIC) engineering (CLICK)

$5k - $17k $35.00 - $90.00 per hourHPLC Limitations: (i) PriceBackgroundObjectiveWetlabDrylabFuture ApplicationCollaborationHuman PracticesConclusion

But it is not ideal because the price to run a HPLC service ranges from 35.00 - 90.00 dollars per hour and the price to buy the equipment ranges from 5k-17k (CLICK)

Not able to continuously analyse samples

Must be constantly monitoredHPLC Limitations: (ii) TediousMultiple runs must be performed

Cost increases

Frequent iGem useBackgroundObjectiveWetlabDrylabFuture ApplicationCollaborationHuman PracticesConclusion

Also, it is not able to continuously analyse samples and must be constantly monitored; to solve this, multiple runs must be performed to get the data required. This increases the cost and time comsumed because of all the limitations present. Thus, most iGem teams may find it difficult to incorporate this technique in their projects because it will be a large financial burden.

Principles Combined to Reach SolutionProof of Concept: Violacein Pathway+

Synthetic Biology=Autonomous control system Electrical EngineeringBackgroundObjectiveWetlabDrylabFuture ApplicationCollaborationHuman PracticesConclusion

In addressing this problem, we have combined synthetic biology and electrical engineering principles to create an autonomous control system that allows us to manage cultures more efficiently.

To do this, weve decided to use the violacein pathway as a proof of concept to test our system.

Weve created an automated system made of :-

(i) Culture Management System

(ii) Image Processing and Response System

Alternative to HPLC